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About Into The Zone

You’ve been performing at a level that leaves most people for dead. But has it become a hard slog? When was the last time you felt happy and energized at work?

Have you ever had days when everything ‘clicks’ into place, work is effortless and stress-free, and time flies? You were in the state that athletes call “The Zone”! Getting into this state is a skill, and it can be learnt.

I’m Joanne van Ravenswaaij and for the last 10 years, I’ve helped high-functioning people learn how to perform better, effortlessly and without stress. By getting into the Zone.  Typically within 3-5 weeks.

I work with executives, professionals and students.

Thousands of people have used this innovative and proven method to transform how they feel as they work, study and live, and find energy, happiness and effortless, sustainable high performance.

  • From busting a gut – to enjoying effortless performance and creativity
  • From working all the time – to having time for a real life
  • From feeling anxious and stressed – to energized and happy
  • From being burnt-out and unable to work or study – to getting back to work or study and enjoying more Flow
  • From being a Slave to your negative emotions – to a Master of how you feel and respond.

Like most of my clients, I started my career as a Type-A Perfectionist. I set high standards for myself (and everyone around me) and had a fearsome work-ethic. I was also massively stressed. Just as well I had a secret weapon that helped me de-stress.

But in my mid-30s, I couldn’t use my secret weapon and my escalating stress levels nearly broke me. Discovering the Zone program’s tools and techniques was the saving of me. I learnt how to get into the Zone, regardless of what I was doing or what was happening around me. And I discovered that when I got into the Zone at work, performing was easy and stress-free, and I had more experiences of being in the Flow state.

It transformed my life and I became inspired to help others experience this for themselves. I became an accredited Zone Coach in 2007 and I’ve been providing executive coaching, leadership training and keynote speaking since then. It’s the most satisfying work I’ve ever done.

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Benefits Of The Zone Method

Fast Result

Fast results, typically within 3-5 weeks rather than months or years.

Holistic Approach

Covering emotional mastery, mindset shift and physiology tools to remove obstacles and shift your perspective.

Long Lasting, Proven Result

This is not an adrenaline-fuelled solution that wears off after a few months. Thousands of people have learnt the Zone method and benefitted from the program.

High Performance

Sustainable stress-free high performance when you work, to prevent burn-out and overwhelm.

How I Work With You



Strategy & PD Days


Fast-track your development with tailored one-to-one support. Customised 6-week Intensive program. Packages to really hone your ability to get into the Zone and experience more Flow.

Masterclass / Workshop

3 or 4 hour masterclass at conferences.

Half-day and 1 day workshops for teams.

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