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About Joanne Van Ravenswaaij


When I was 10 years old, I started piano lessons and loved it. Something magical happened when I played. My normally chattering, hyperactive mind would quieten and my fingers would play all by themselves. I’d play more beautifully than I’d believed I was capable of and it was effortless. Time would fly.

I didn’t have a name for it then, but I know now that I got into “The Zone”, a state that athletes and musicians often talk about. It happened most of the time I was at the piano, but when it didn’t, I didn’t know how to make it happen.

When I started working, I had a few experiences of the Zone state at work, but they were rare and out of my control. As a Type-A personality with high standards and a strong drive to succeed, I was often stressed. My favourite way of de-stressing, my secret weapon, was to play the piano for up to 3 hours each day.

But when I got married and had 2 kids, my ability to cope gradually began to unravel. I found parenting really stressful, especially when I learnt that you can’t really organize young children! My de-stressing technique, playing the piano, was out of the question when I barely had 5 minutes to myself. My anxiety levels were escalating and impacting my relationship with my children. I don’t know how I would’ve survived mentally and emotionally, without the help of my sister, Michelle Stanton.

Michelle trained me in the techniques and tools she’d developed which she called the Zone method. She’d had a near-death experience in the 90s that put her in the Zone for 6 months. She spent the next 8 years researching how to get into the Zone state before finding tools that would do just that.

Learning how to get into the Zone and feel good at any time, regardless of what I was doing or what was happening around me, saved my sanity, and it transformed my life.

When I went back to work, the difference that working while feeling relaxed and calm made was phenomenal. I got into the Flow state, and got promoted without even trying. I’d never known that it could be possible to have such high performance without busting a gut. I became an accredited Zone Coach and fell in love with helping others regain their enjoyment of work and life. I left my corporate job to focus on this work and now I speak, run workshops and coach clients.

It’s the most satisfying work I’ve ever done. And even after 10 years of coaching, I still get a thrill when someone tells me how their life has changed.

Benefits Of The Zone Method

Fast Result

Fast results, typically within 3-5 weeks rather than months or years.

Holistic Approach

Covering emotional mastery, mindset shift and physiology tools to remove obstacles and shift your perspective.

Long Lasting, Proven Result

This is not an adrenaline-fuelled solution that wears off after a few months. Thousands of people have learnt the Zone method and benefitted from the program.

High Performance

Sustainable high performance when you work, to prevent burn-out and overwhelm recurring.