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Want to transform your life quickly? Fast-track your development with a personalized coaching program. The Intensive Program consists of 6 weekly sessions during which you’ll learn how to get into the Zone, for effortless peak performance.

Coaching sessions are either face-to-face (Melbourne) or via Skype.

Clients who want to hone their performance elect for a package that includes additional mentoring following the Intensive 6 week program.

Packages provide either 4 monthly mentoring sessions (Platinum Program) or 10 monthly mentoring sessions (Titanium) to help you attain higher levels of the Zone state and experience more Flow. Each session is customized to produce the best results for you.

In Session 1, we’ll flesh out the specifics of your biggest obstacles and what you’re wanting to achieve from the program. I’ll cover the theory backed by research and neuroscience and explain all the tools and techniques.

From the 2nd session onwards, I’ll walk you through using the techniques to neutralize your own stress triggers. This is vital as stress will instantly throw you out of the Zone and kill Flow.

Typically by the first 3-4 sessions, you’ll find a big improvement in your stress levels and productivity. It’ll be much easier to work or study and you’ll feel much more peaceful, happy and optimistic. You’ll be sleeping better and feeling more relaxed.

By the end of the Intensive program, you’ll effortlessly spend more time in the Zone and experience more Flow – synchronicity and serendipitous events. You’ll also have released some major limiting beliefs and fears. You’ll be comfortable using all the tools and techniques by yourself to get back into the Zone when you’ve been throw out.

These sessions embed the new habits and cover more advanced concepts to help you have higher and longer-lasting experiences of Flow. They also deepen your emotional mastery skills acquired in the Intensive Program.  Sessions are face-to-face or on Skype.

  • I use these tools on myself every day. I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed or stressed, and I’ve used all of the tools myself to get to a better place. Without suppressing or avoiding negative emotions. This program produces results faster than anything else I’ve come across.
  •  I know your world. With a corporate and management background, I’ve been in your shoes. And my years of training and facilitation mean I can break down even the trickiest concepts into structured and easy to follow parts that you can relate to.
  • I use a holistic approach: physiology, emotional intelligence, mindset. Your mind is super powerful. It makes sense to use everything in your tool-kit to beat it at its own game.
  • My clients say that I’m a great listener and I don’t judge. My goal is for us to enjoy the process and see the lighter side especially when we work through what can be hard issues. Laughter is a powerful tool, and it’s very Zoney! The time will fly during our sessions.
  • I use everything in my tool-kit. I can start out using my intuition to get to the heart of an issue, then use my Left Brain to confirm what the issue is, and use my creativity to find the fastest, most effective way of helping you learn.
  • You’ll never wonder if you’ve truly got it. Put simply, being in the Zone should and does feel effortless. If you’re wondering if you’re in the Zone, or have to try to pysch yourself to get results or feel happier, then you haven’t actually “got it” and you aren’t in the Zone. You’ll know you’ve got it because you feel really  productive and good, without even trying!

Want to find out more and explore what a customized program could look like for you? Let’s chat.


Reclaim The Career And Life You Deserve


$7,7006 month Make-over
  1. Intensive program to unearth and dissolve your biggest roadblocks and triggers
  2. Decompress quickly, master your emotions and experience more flow
  3. Release limiting beliefs, blocks and fear
  4. Regain your mojo
  5. Better sleep and well being
  6. Plus 4 monthly mentoring sessions immediately following the Intensive Program to increase your experiences of Flow and effortless performance


$5,5006 week Boot-Camp
  1. Unearth and dissolve your biggest roadblocks and triggers
  2. Decompress quickly, master your emotions and experience more flow
  3. Release limiting beliefs, blocks and fear
  4. Regain your mojo
  5. Better sleep and well being
  6. Get into the Zone for effortless performance and have more experiences of Flow.