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I love sharing what I know at conferences, corporate Strategy Days and PD days. I present on a number of topics, including:

Ever had days when everything seems to “click” into place, you’re effortlessly productive, happy and focused, and time just flies? You were in the state that athletes call “the Zone” or Flow state. Joanne draws on leading-edge research in neuroscience and peak performance to explore

  • Facts and myths around peak performance
  • How to recognize the signs of stress and burnout sooner
  • The Zone state
  • Why common stress management techniques often fail
  • Proven stress-reduction techniques

Tapping into Flow – for Synchronicity and Extraordinary Performance

Ever had days when everything ‘clicks’ into place, you’re performing effortlessly at a level beyond what you’d believed you were capable of, and it seems as if life is conspiring to help you succeed? You were in the state called “Flow”.

Flow is often referred to as being in The Zone, the state that athletes and artists often talk about, where they perform effortlessly and time disappears. However, Flow is actually the ultimate and rarest level of the Zone. In lower levels of the Zone, you perform effortlessly to reach your potential. In Flow, you perform beyond your potential and synchronicities unfold perfect events for you.

Flow is a phenomenon that many elite athletes and artists as well as successful entrepeneurs and businesspeople experience. Richard Branson notes that “In two hours in flow I can accomplish tremendous things!”

Drawing on 10 years of experience helping clients enjoy more Flow and more time in the Zone at work and in their personal lives, I bring together leading-edge insights and research by neuroscientists and quantum physicists to expand on Flow. Specifically:

  • What is Flow – how to recognize when it’s happening.
  • Myths around Flow
  • The obstacles to Flow, and
  • How to increase Flow

For women professionals who’re doing it all, and wanting a sustainable and more enjoyable path to success.

Joanne Van Ravenswaaij speaking