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I run 3-4 hour masterclasses at conferences as well as half or full-day corporate workshops.

Peak Performance Masterclass – for More Flow, Less Stress, Everyday.

Ever had days when everything ‘clicks’ into place, work is effortless and stress-free and time flies? You were in the state that athletes call ‘The Zone’!

This masterclass will increase your well-being, reduce your stress and give you proven techniques to get you into the Zone.  You’ll learn:

  • why common strategies for reducing stress don’t work
  • proven and easy techniques to:
    • reduce stress
    • sleep well at night
    • re-energise and recharge your body and mind in 10 minutes
    • neutralize negative or limiting beliefs by examining and questioning your assumptions

When you use these techniques regularly, they’ll become a habit that helps you to spontaneously experience working and living in the Zone – everyday!

Into The Zone workshop